Case study: Pixel Financial

A replacement website for a business specialising in consultancy relating to local authority finance.

Before the project

Pixel had a previous website serving two purposes: to promote the business and to allow paying subscribers to log in to access spreadsheet models, briefing notes and other subscriber-only documents.

Over time, the subscriber area had grown with the ongoing addition of new documents. These documents weren't displayed in a consistent order, making it difficult for users to find specific documents.

The previous site had other issues: it had no SSL security certificate (which can adversely affect search engine optimisation) and the Twitter feed was not displaying any posts more recent than June 2020.

Image: Pixel Financial

How I helped

The focus of the project was to make the subscriber area much clearer and simpler to use. An "archive" page was added, so older items could be removed from the main page and placed in the archive. Documents in the subscriber area were divided into three categories (instead of the previous two) and displayed consistently by date, with the most recent at the top. Templates for uploading subscriber documents were extended to include a text description, so a helpful summary could be added for new documents.

Other improvements included the addition of clients' testimonials and the use of photographs of local authority buildings in a home page slideshow to help clients identify with the business.

What the client said

The website is certainly much, much easier to operate than my previous one!

Adrian Jenkins, Pixel Financial

Photo: Mark Melling

"My background is in marketing and I’m focused on building clear and effective websites."

Mark Melling

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