Web design services

Every business can benefit from an effective, professional website. Your website can promote your business 24 hours a day to a wide audience. Your site can establish your credibility, illustrate the type of products and services you offer and provide an easy way for customers to contact you.

How I can help

Web design

  • build a clear, professional and effective website
  • coordinated with your marketing communications
  • usable and accessible by as many users as possible

Mobile-friendly websites

  • all new sites I build are mobile-friendly
  • use the "responsive web design" approach preferred by Google
  • a mobile-friendly site is good for your users - some clients are getting up to half of their website traffic from mobiles
  • and it's also good for search engine optimisation because Google is ranking mobile-friendly sites higher in search results

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • consider your website in the context of other marketing activities
  • identify target search phrases
  • review competition
  • agree realistic objectives for search engine performance
  • basic SEO built-in

Versatile sites

  • content management system
  • easy to edit text and photos
  • variety of content e.g. slideshows, photo galleries, videos, Google maps
  • easy to add forms e.g. enquiry form, quotation form
  • links to social networking sites
  • responsive web design that performs well on smartphones and tablets

Marketing perspective

  • review your target market and competitors
  • consider your positioning
  • select your key messages

Attention to detail

  • aim for valid code (HTML5 and CSS) with limited exceptions
  • browser testing – typically about 10 different browsers including smartphone, tablet
  • test with/without Javascript
  • print stylesheets