What I do

I build, host and manage websites, mainly for small and medium-sized businesses. I help clients with their search engine optimisation (SEO).

You may be facing some of these issues:

You have no website yet

You may not have a website yet - either because your business is new or you just haven't got around to it. I'll enjoy finding out about your business, looking at your competitors' websites and suggesting the best approach.

Help organising your content

You have a lot of material and can't decide how to divide it between the individual pages of a website. I can recommend the best approach, bearing in mind both the needs of your website users and how the site will perform in search engines like Google.

You want to improve your SEO

Your site may have been ranking well in search engines for your target search phrases some time ago - but that is no guarantee that it still ranks well today. Competitors may have been improving their websites to make them more search engine friendly. I can review your SEO and suggest improvements.

You want a mobile-friendly site

Some of my Cumbrian clients get over half of their website traffic from users of smartphones, so it's really important to have a mobile-friendly website. And Google gives mobile-friendly sites a small boost in search results. All new sites I build are mobile-friendly.

You want an easy-to-edit site

All new sites I build have an easy-to-use system so you can log in and update any text or photos. The system is very versatile, and most clients find it simple and intuitive to use.

You want to add functionality

Examples might include news or events that are controlled by date. Or a projects or case studies page presented as a list where you can click through to a detail page for more information. Or re-using items like testimonials on different pages of the site. All these are fairly simple to set up.

You want a fast site

A slow website can be so frustrating for your users. All my current projects use my preferred content management system, which has been developed with a focus on speed. And my web hosting platform uses solid state drives and caching to deliver speeds up to 16 times faster than some hosts.

Your Wordpress site has problems

You may have a Wordpress site and it's slow, or it's been hacked or it is difficult to customise. For all new projects, I use another content management system (not Wordpress) built for speed, versatility and security.

Photo: Mark Melling

"My background is in marketing and I’m focused on building clear and effective websites."

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