How do I register a domain name?

Interact does not offer domain name registration as a service - I recommend you register domain names with a reputable domain name registrar.

Choosing a registrar

When you are registering domain names, make sure you choose a domain name registrar that:

  • allows you full “DNS management” so that you can control your email and web traffic
  • registers the domain names in your own name or the name of your business so the ownership is absolutely clear
  • does not charge exit or transfer fees if you decide at some future date to transfer your domain names to another registrar
  • ideally accepts payment by Direct Debit, which can be more reliable for ongoing renewals which may be only every year or two years. Renewal payments by debit/credit card can fail if you have been issued with a new card before the renewal becomes due - paying by Direct Debit avoids this problem

Nominet is the official body in charge of .uk domain names and there's a lot of information on their web site:

  • a number of registrars have "accredited" status with Nominet, which means that they have committed to provide higher standards of data quality and customer service - these include:
  • as far as I know, the registrars mentioned above accept payment by Direct Debit

Ordering your domain

Go to the website of your chosen registrar and go to the "Domains" or "Domain Names" page. You should then be able to search for the name you want, to check that it hasn't already been registered by someone else. If your chosen name is available, you should be able to register it. Each registrar will have their own process, but it is like buying a product from an e-commerce site - you will add the domain name to your shopping basket and then go through a process for setting up an account and paying. As mentioned above, Direct Debit can be better than paying by debit/credit card, because card payments can fail in future years when the card may have expired or been replaced.

Registrars will usually try to sell you lots of other services such as web hosting and email at the time you place your domain name order, but you should say "No" to these options and just get the domain name registered.

You'll get some login details and a password when you first set up an account with a registrar. Make a note of these details for future use because you will need them when you're ready to put your new web site live.

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